The atmosphere is what really made this place. As a solo traveler atmosphere is a must. Upon arrival I met so many great people that stuck together and by the time I knew it I had about 8 friends that hung out like we've known each other for years! Hostel location is good too, about a 15 min tram ride and you're right smack in the middle of old town

September 26, 2016

Overall a Nice place, little away from centre of town. But the staff (very sweet & helpful) & cleanliness made up for it. I really like the concept of 2 doors to the room & the toilet between them. So the good thing is if someone uses the toilet no one really gets disturbed. I definitely wouldn't mind staying here again!!

September 25, 2016

This is a great hostel. The staff are very nice and there are some nice extras. I was able to print off my plane ticket for free, there is a kitchen, there is a free barbie twice a week with loads to eat and they changed my euros with a 1 to 25/26 rate with no commission charged. the bar downstairs is really good with a happy hour price for a half litre of premium beer of only one euro. It is a bit out from town but it is still worth it. Good friendly atmosphere. Highly recommended.

September 21, 2016

I really enjoyed my stay at Sir Toby's. It was my favorite hostel (of 3) during my solo trip. Sir Toby's has an amazing atmosphere. It's the perfect size so there are plenty of people to meet and talk to as a solo traveler but not get overwhelmed. Nice basement bar and Happy Hour for social activities. There are some cool clubs, bars, and restaurants nearby. Prague has UBER, so you can use that to get to and from the hostel and it's cheap. I had a private room with bathroom that was fantastic.

September 20, 2016

Liked: Great atmosphere and events run each night in the underground bar made meeting other travellers very easy. Breakfast was amazing. Close to trams, mini mart, secure and great place to stay!

Disliked: Nothing

September 19, 2016

Such a cute, homey hostel. We walked in with our packs after just getting off our international flight late at night, and the receptionist looked as if she was waiting for us all along, with a warm smile across her face.

Very clean, bathroom seemed to be cleaned daily or every other day. No issues there. The second night, I was an idiot and blew a fuse by using only the adaptor and forgetting the transformer. The receptionist (24 hour service) was extremely patient, and more than happy to reset the circuit breaker. Sir Toby's definitely created fond memories for me and our stay in Prague!

Other things:
- Coin operable washer and dryer available, simple to use. Laundry detergent provided.

- Bar downstairs is also nice hangout spot, beer ~1 Euro.

- Sir Toby's has their own map dotted with their favorite places in Prague. Definitely check those out, there are some great hidden gems. The receptionist also pointed a few out at our arrival, and what trams to take.

September 18, 2016

I'd say I've been to over 100 hostels, don't let the travel rating I have fool you and this is the best one I've ever been to. The staff were mostly fantastic the people staying were spectacular and the facilities and activities made it easy to do things and get to know people. Look it may not be the closest to the centre of town but I think that's what makes it better. In Prague stay here.

September 15, 2016

I have been to Sir Toby's hostel for 3 nights, the hostel was very clean, nice atmosphere, people at the reception were so nice and give us advices for Prague. The hostel has a bar and its really nice, cheap and the drinks are good. The hostel did a BBQ one night, its was fun, we played a game after we all eat. The rooms are really secure, no stealing happen so its very good :D The showers are clean. Sir Toby's hotel is the best hostel I have been since I travel, I strongly recommand it. Its only at 30 minutes of walk to the city center or 5 with tramway, you can also buy a tram card at the hostel. Yon can reserve a transportation to the airport at the hostel and its cheaper than the taxi. If I go back to Prague I will for sure reserve to Sir Toby's hostel again :)

September 8, 2016

A very nice hostel. There is a cosy common area where you can relax and where the game nights take place. Really fun. We had a reserved a two person private room but got a different room than on the pictures. Butt still very nice. It was very clean! The breakfeast wasn't very much. We only bought it once and for the rest we went to the local store. The reception was very friendly an available 24/7 and very good english. Very good tram and metro connection.

Thomas V
September 3, 2016

Liked: I had the most wonderful time here at the awesome Sir Toby's. It had all you could want and more. The rooms were lovely and clean and had a great vibe. Bed's were comfy too. The common area/bar was what really made it though as it was a hive of socialising. There was a great bar tender Ben who really livened the place up and I made some many super friends there playing games & going on club nights. The staff at the front desk were very knowledgable and the greeting and orientation your receive is very comprehensive & unique. Being able to but team tickets from there was supremely helpful.

Disliked: I will not bad mouth my experience here but a travel companion of mine had a situation in here room with a group of invasive men. The very tall guy at front desk handled it appalling & inappropriately but I was glad to hear a female colleague reprimanded him and the manager took action. I would like to stress I would stay here again in a heart beat & I am certain the handling of this & the event itself is a rarity, however I think women should feel no less able to travel and share mixed rooms and it is important that our staff reflect our egalitarian rules and support people when situations arise.

January 1, 2016